Windows Tips - Move Window Between Multiple Monitor(s)

Most of us now have additional external monitor in our workspace. Having more than one screen, which I find, makes one productive, especially when you need to reference data on another application. Using Alt Tab to switch between applications is not the best thing to do.

Prior to this, to move a window between monitors, I would use the mouse and drag it to the other screen. I have been doing this for years. I see other people doing this too. Or there is the other option of using Alt Space n and then use the arrow keys to move the window.

But now, I came to find out a Windows keyboard shortcut to do this, which is more efficient — Win Shift ( / ). This is only available in Windows 7 or higher.

Here are some extra tips. And they are also only for Windows 7 or higher.

  • Win ( / ) docks the window to the left/right of the screen.
  • Win maximises and sets the window to focus.

You can view a list of WIndows keyboard shortcuts at windows shortcuts at DuckDuckGo.


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