Hello (Again)

Hi, again!

As most of you who may have not noticed, my website has been inactive and then unaccessible since 2021.

Lots of things have happened, both good and bad. The main thing was, the family joined me here Australia after 3 years!

Naturally, with their arrival, my focus shifted away from website upkeep. The same goes for my other site, What This Music.

Between house hunting for rentals and eventually building our own home, spare time became a luxury. On top of that, my hosting provider revamped their plans, making them more expensive. It took me a good 2-3 months over the span of a year to migrate my site off of Wordpress.

Initially, I played around with Hugo, but I was struggling with configuring a few of the themes. Eventually, I went back to Jekyll, which I’m more familiar with having used it to build What This Music. So far so good, without any major hiccups.

So, ya. Welcome to version 4.0.0 of www.alvinsim.com!

I truly appreciate your support and hope you’ll join me on this (new) journey.


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